September 13, 2017

Episode 18: A Tale of Fantasy Teslas and Seductive Screaming (Part 1)

After freeing the prisoners from the makeshift prison at the Morning Wood lumber mill, our friends reunite Rexus and his mother. However, they have little time to celebrate because a situation comes up that requires them to conduct another prison break of sorts. Susan is a real crowd-pleaser, Talkon doesn’t get a chance to do much (but don’t worry, he will next time), Bea is stuck in a T-pose, and Leon finds a really, REALLY nice butt.

Featuring: Erik Sandberg (@bradleesand), Mikkel Sandberg (@mikkelhsandberg), Peter Freeby (@peterfreeby), and Weston Mangin.

Music: “Time Drift” by Cloud Revolution.

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Twitter: @friendquestpod


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