July 19, 2017

Episode 13: Extraneous Exposition

I’m not gonna lie: there’s not a whole lot going on this episode. You know how there’s some things in life that are probably for the best, but you really don’t want to do them? Like going to the dentist. Or cutting back on junk food. This episode is kinda like that. But with fewer cavities, and less kale. Our brave heroes uncover a deadly secret, pursue a mysterious observer, grab drinks with an old friend, and then collapse in a soggy heap on the floor because the GM finally figured out the timeline of past events and realized they haven’t slept for about three days. Oopsie daisies!

Featuring: Erik Sandberg (@bradleesand), Mikkel Sandberg (@mikkelhsandberg), Paula Chew (@paulaachew), Peter Freeby (@peterfreeby), and Weston Mangin.

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Music: “Time Drift” by Cloud Revolution.

Facebook: @friendquestpod

Twitter: @friendquestpod


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