May 1, 2017

Episode 1: Prologue (Part 1)


Our adventure begins...well, sort of in the middle of events. Unfortunately, we were not able to record our first session, but fear not! Mikkel does a pretty mediocre job of summing up the previous events.

Join our adventurers as they seek to recover a dangerous artifact from a group of mercenaries. Will they be able to stop these thugs before they unwittingly bring about the end of the world? Can they locate the mysterious spy who has infiltrated the ranks of the mercenaries? Most importantly, will they discover the true meaning of friendship? Find out all this and more on this inaugural episode of Friend Quest!

Featuring: Erik Sandberg (@bradleesand), Mikkel Sandberg (@mikkelhsandberg), Paula Chew (@paulaachew), Peter Freeby (@peterfreeby), and Weston Mangin.

Music: “Time Drift” by Cloud Revolution.

Facebook: @friendquestpod

Twitter: @friendquestpod


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