May 10, 2017

Episode 2: Prologue (Part 2)


Welcome back to the world of Friend Quest! Maybe one day we'll come up with a cool name for this place...Friend Questiverse? Questburg? Friendville?

Anyway, join us this week as the party must deal with the consequences of their actions. And by that, I mean, get in a scuffle with a superior force. Judging by how past encounters have gone, well, let’s just say things could end badly; but you never know.

Featuring: Erik Sandberg (@bradleesand), Mikkel Sandberg (@mikkelhsandberg), Paula Chew (@paulaachew), Peter Freeby (@peterfreeby), and Weston Mangin.

Music: “Time Drift” by Cloud Revolution.

Facebook: @friendquestpod

Twitter: @friendquestpod


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